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Retro Laminates, Glossy Laminates, 
      Matte Laminates, Boomerang Laminates

Retro Laminates

We have a wide selection of Retro Laminates, Boomerang Laminates and Cracked Ice Laminates for your perfect retro creation.

Retro Vinyl, Cracked Ice Vinyl, 
      Vintage Vinyl, 1950s Vinyl

Retro Vinyl

We offer a wide variety of Retro Vinyl, including Naugahyde, Seabrook, Seaquest and Cracked Ice Vinyl. Perfect for your next retro creation.

Metal Banding, Table Edging, Metal Edging,
      Retro Metal Banding, Retro Table Edging, 1950s Metal Banding

Metal Banding

Look no further than Heffrons for all of your Metal Banding and Metal Edging needs.

Retro Countertops, Countertop Laminate,
      Restaurant Countertops, 1950s Countertops, Vinyl Countertops

Retro Countertops

Perfect for your retro kitchen or man cave. Choose from a vast selection of laminate and metal banding for your countertop

Retro Stools, 1950s Stools, Vinyl Stools,
      Vintage Stools, 1950s Stools

Retro Stools

We can custom design any shape or size Retro Stool or Restaurant Stool you need.

Retro Chairs, Vintage Chairs, 1950s Chairs,
      Vinyl Chairs, Retro Diner Chairs

Retro Chairs

Quality USA made custom desiged Retro Chairs or Restaurant Chairs for any need.

Retro Booths, Vinyl Booths, Single Booths,
      Double Booths, Vintage Booths, 1950s Booths

Retro Booths

We can custom design your perfect Retro Booth or Restaurant Booth.

Retro Murals, Indoor Murals, Outdoor Murals,
      1950s Murals, Vintage Murals, Wall Murals

Retro Murals

Our Retro Murals are made of the highest quality material with custom sizes to meet your needs.

Retro Jukeboxes, CD Jukeboxes, Vintage
      Jukeboxes, 1950s Jukeboxes

Retro Jukeboxes

Offering a full selection of Rock-ola Jukeboxes such as Harley Davidson.

Retro Gas Pumps, Single Gas Pumps,
      Vintage Gas Pumps, 1950s Gas Pumps, Gas Pumps for sale

Retro Gas Pumps

Custom built vintage gas pumps are a must have for your den, garage, shop or business.


About Us

Gary Heffron and his family have been in the construction industry for well over 25 years. Each team members averages 20 years of construction experience. In their construction travels, they ran across several places with the 1950’s Retro Design. This peaked Gary’s interest in designing his own 1950’s Retro Space, so they set about building their first 1950’s Retro Backyard Diner. It is small in scale, but great for family gatherings, or Guys (or Girls) Night Out. With rave reviews from friends and family, the Heffron’s continued their research into the 1950’s Retro Design. They discovered there is a market for revival of 1950’s Retro Theme’s not only in restaurants, but with private consumers as well.

“Staycations,” stay at home vacations, are now in. Imagine your very own 1950’s Retro Backyard Diner to entertain in as part of your summer fun or your “Man Cave” designed in 1950’s Retro complete with a Retro Bar, Stools, Corner Booth, and Retro Table and chairs in bright bold colors! Couples can sit at the table and play a game of cards for an evening of fun with friends and family and be surrounded by 1950’s Neon Signs or Retro Clocks.

Think about designing or remodeling your entire kitchen in the 1950’s Retro Design. We carry a variety of kitchen tables and chair sets right out of the 1950’s. For those of you with different design tastes, we also carry a modern line of restaurant supplies that compliment the modern restaurant setting.

The Heffron’s have since turned their 1950’s Retro Backyard Diner into a show piece and model for those wanting to see what can be done. We also have a 1950’s Retro Traveling Diner.

Imagine, A Moment in Time, Retro Design right out of the 1950’s Retro Era and custom designed and built by the Heffron’s. The 1950’s Retro Backyard Diners can be delivered ready for use. Heffron’s will also work with your area contractors on ‘in home’ Retro Renovations for “Retro Man Caves” and Retro kitchen and/or dining rooms. If you are a “Do It Yourselfer,” you can pick from our wide array of styles and colors to build your very own 1950’s Retro Theme Room.

We now service all of the United States and many surrounding countries with our 1950’s Retro Products and Designs. Check out our online catalog and feel free to call with questions. We are not only suppliers of 1950’s Retro, but custom manufacture many of our products. We are happy to assist you with your design questions or to take your order.