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1964 Shasta Airflyte Restoration

At we love receiving testimonials from our customers. But sometimes they become more than just a positive review, they become a story. Everyone who owns a vintage trailer has one. The journey can sometimes be difficult, and there are many lessons learned along the way. However, once the project is completed, the reward for their hard work is that much sweeter.

Heffrons recently received a testimonial from a customer named Kathryn who recently purchased a 1964 Shasta Airflyte which she named “Kitty”. You could tell from her writing she couldn’t be more proud of her work and Kathryn was kind enough to walk us through the transformation.

Initial Purchase

We thought it was in pretty good shape until we got it home and really looked closely. She has great bones and a solid foundation, but really needed some interior work. Previous owners had put plywood over the original walls and painted the cabinetry. We ripped out the front and back walls, replaced it with some nice wood that would bend to fit the curvature, and shellacked them an amber color. We repainted the cabinets since they were already painted, choosing a subtle color scheme. When we bought the trailer it was blue and red. We chose pale yellow and a light turquoise that matched the stove and ice box and added red accents like curtains.

Kitchen Remodel

I totally rebuilt the kitchen counter using half inch plywood along with the retro boomerang laminate, and metal banding from Heffrons. I replaced the sink, kept the original faucet, and replaced the pump faucet myself. I built the dinette table using the same materials as the counter, making it big enough to drop down in between the dinette benches to serve as an additional bed. The original fell woefully short of this. I rebuilt the dinette boxes, but we kept the original springy dinette bench seats. We are in the process of recovering those currently.

Additional Tasks

Speaking of beds, I rebuilt the gaucho bed in the back and bought a new futon mattress for it. No one needs to sleep on a mattress from 1964 in the name of authenticity.

The lamps are original; one is red and the other amber. We replaced the electrical box on the exterior. The propane hurricane lamp is also original and functions perfectly. It was certainly interesting lighting that for the first time! I did update the propane tank, regulator, and hose, which connected seamlessly to the existing copper fittings. That was a nice surprise.

We replaced the flooring as well. That part was easy. The outside will be repainted over the winter but is in decent shape now. The remodel up to this point took about 2 months. It was not a "frame up" restoration but was moderately extensive.

Final Thoughts

We stick within a two hour radius of home with her, mainly because of time restrictions. She is certainly road worthy to go farther though. She garners attention wherever we go. People, both young and vintage themselves, love to see her and reminisce about vintage campers. Our very first outing brought an absolute deluge of rain all weekend, but she leaked not a drop of water. The jalousie windows kept the rain out even while open, due to the nature of their design. It was great sitting inside at the dinette playing cards and games and drinking wine while it poured outside.

I have owned an expensive, large, obnoxious 40 foot diesel pusher, and I have tent camped. This is absolutely my favorite way to camp. She is light and easy, with no mechanical parts to break down. We are fully set up to camp within 10 minutes of arriving!